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       So You Want to Hear Us?  

All Sounds Contained on this Page Should Be Treated With The  
Utmost Respect As Due to Them.  Feel Free to Download, Make   
Fun Of, Kick Around, And Splice To Your Heart's Desire.   This  
Page Isn't Responsible For The Horrible Creation of These   

The Live Recordings
The Gops have played at several places recently, 
such as Fitzgeralds and the Abyss.  Some rare live 
recordings are now available here.  I hope you enjoy  
this chance to hear Texas's own heartland punk band. 

This is an MPG3 All sound files are recorded in .MP3 format.  
If you do not have an MPEG Layer-3 player, 
I recommend downloading WinAmp.  It is the  
best in my opinion. 

Where sorry for the recording quality, but we had to sacrifice quality for disk
space.  Whole songs take up a lot of room.  If you would like to hear better quality
from the origionals, contact me at or hopefully we have
a good copy of the song you want up temporarily.

A Few Selected High Quality Recordings

                                      (for you eager fans)

    These files are the same songs as the lower quality ones, but they are not
    compressed as much.  So they have a higher quality sound.  However, they
    are much larger files, so download these if you feel like waiting longer!
Realize : realize.mp3 Realize (3:41) : Great Ska/Punk song.  One of our favorites. 
         -Higher Quality-
Sink'n : sink.mp3 Sink'n (2:24) : Cool Punk song.  
         -Higher Quality-

Some Old Garage Recordings
Sorry, but the sound quality in these few recordings is poor.  They are very old and are from early on in the bands life, but they are still good!!!!
Absolute : gop-abs.mp3 Absolute (2:26) : Absolutely one of our favorites.  Some kick'n 'Bad 
                             Religion' style punk.

Live At Fitz's and The Abyss

Sink'n : gop_sink.mp3 Sink'n (2:26) : Cool Punk song. 
Realize : gop_real.mp3 Realize (3:41) : Great Ska/Punk song.  One of our favorites.
One For Me : gop_one.mp3 One For Me (4:28) : Some really kickn oldies style punk.
No Surrender : gop_surr.mp3 No Surrender (3:33) : Good muting and triple picking. Cool old style  
Saxophone Lady : gop_sax.mp3 Saxophone Lady (2:26) : Our oldest Ska/Punk song that we still play.
You Don't Care : gop_care.mp3 You Don't Care (2:44) : Great song.  Denny looses a drum stick toward the very end just before his cool drum ending, fortunatly he's able to finish it off with one. What Skill!

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