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BJ          :    Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Rythm Guitar
Mills       :    Bass, Backup Vocals
Adam     :    Lead Guitar, Backup and Lead Vocals
Denny    :    Kickin' Drummer and Backup Vocals

Redefining Punk  : Texas Style!


T h e  B u l l e t i n s
    Yep! The rumors are true.  There's actually some news going on with The Gops.  We're having another show!  It will be our first show together since last summer, so you don't want to miss it.  The show's happening at Fitzgeralds/Zeldas for the Good Guy records CD compilation release on the 18th.  There are going to be some great Houston bands there such as Bickley, The Suspects, Half Loaded, and many many more.  Six bands upstairs and six down.  This is a show you definitely don't want to miss!
     Well the last show didn't go so hot.  The sound guy sucked horribly so it made the bands sound like crap (including us.)  Though he did finally start getting the mixing right towards the middle of Half Loaded's set.  Anyway, aside from the actual show, everything went pretty cool.  We sold all the CD's we had and are making more for the next show at Rembrants.  So if you missed this one or didn't have money for a CD, be there on the 7th.  It may be our last show this summer!
       *Concert Update!* Well, the 31st show looks promising after all.  I've just received a list of some of the bands that are going to be there is it looks pretty good.  Check out the concert page to find out.  You don't want to miss this show! 
       *BIG NEWS* The Gops will finally be releasing their CD in a couple of weeks.  Yep, we're hitting the studio to get some good recordings in for all you eager fans.  The CD will be under ten bucks and there will be a release party very soon; possibly our 31st show.  Anyway, check our the recent page updates, and keep looking back here for more news on the CD.
      We finally have another show scheduled.  Yep, Mills finally got back from his vacation and its time to start gig'in again.  So check the concert page for more info on that show.
       *UPDATE* Yes, finally an update.  Sorry, I haven't had a lot of time lately because of work I'm currently working on professional web page  design for UT.)  As soon as I'm done with my current project I'd like to do a major overhaul here (I like to keep things different.)  Anyway, about the last show, it kicked!  Aside from it being really hot, there was a good crowd turnout and we played really well. 
We are planning several major shows very soon, and are also going into the studio to record some material for the Good Guys Records CD comp release.  Well, keep looking back here for more info.  I promise, I haven't forgotten about the page :).
Oh, and by the way, some more pics should be on their way.
      Well we have yet another show ready for this month on the 30th at Zelda's.  Its still *tentative* at this time, but its 99% likely that we'll be there.  Check the concert section for more details.  Anyway, come see us jam!  It'll be fun, really.
      Just to let all know, Animosity will be joining the 23rd show at Rembrants.
      OK.  The Gops are set to play at Rembrants on the 23rd of this month.  O'doyle Rules is also setup to play with us then and we're also trying to possibly get some other bands too.  We'll see.  Anway, come out and have some fun. Even if you don't want to hear us remember, its always free!  So what the hey!  Oh, and there shouldn't be any cops this time :)
      GOOD NEWS!  Rembrants is still open and doing shows (Rumors have been going around that it was shut down).  We thought it was shut down after the incident, but just found out that its been open the whole time; with bands still playing. Even more good news is that the cop that shut that show down is going to get what's coming to him.  It was agreed by the PD that he stepped WAY out of line and procedure in what he did, and he's being taken to court over his actions.  So I guess the moral of this story is, 'don't mess with punks!'  I just set us up a another show there as well, but I'm not releasing a date yet because it still needs to be ok'd with two of the other band members.  I'll keep ya informed on that.
      Just to let eveyrone know, we have two shows that are currently in the works of 'trying' to be setup at Fitzgeralds.  One is with Crash 81 and Animosity, and the other is with Middlefinger.  They are only in the 'talk' stage at this point, but keep check'n back here for further news.
      Well, I think I can pretty easily sum up how the Rembrants show went, it didn't.  Right before we were supposed to go on and in the middle of O'doyle Rules' set, some total ass cop came up and shut everything down.  He was really a jerk too, and thats saying it lightly.  No laws were being broken and we were on private property, but I won't go into that right now.  All I can say is there were a lot of disapointed fans out there, and thanks for supporting us.  I'll keep ya informed of news we hear about the place.  We certainly still want to play there again and will check into it.  Hopefully whatever it was has been solved, but we'll see.  Animosity and Crash 81 did however get to play their whole set before that happened, and they did a great job.

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   History Of the Band

         First, coming together as a group known as the Spazmotic,
    the band at that time was BJ, Adam and Denny.  Playing
    there own type of garage band grunge the group never really
    hit the big time.  The band broke apart temporarily for college.
        That summer when they returned the band started up their
    own form of punk with their new bass player, Mills.  Mixing
    styles of ska, punk and oldies the band known as Think Big
    made their way onto the local scene.  Basing their songs off
    of cartoons, car wrecks, and generally annoying subjects the
    group became a instant classic in the area.  Because of the
    band being older (by punk standards), playing songs with
    oldie influence, and believing in the origin of punk and not
    the new meaning the group renamed as The Grande Ole
    Punxs(which was shortened to The Gops).  The band is a
    full time project now even though the guys are attending
    college. This group plays a catchy flavor of punk and ska
    that cannot truly be described. They can be seen anywhere
    in Houston, Conroe, Woodlands, and Baytown.

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