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       Welcome To the  
                   Pics Page 

Here are some pics of various things like the guys at practice in  
Denny's Garage.  They do some wierd things, huh?  If you hold the  
mouse button over each picture, a descriptioin should pop up (if your  
using netscape or ie, that is).  The picture page should be expanding  
soon with more crazy pictures of us at practice and live in concert.   
If you have some other cool ones of us you'd like to see on the page,  
feel free to send them. 


Picture of our drummer, Denny, with a fro wig on.

Here's an old picture of The Gops at practice.  BJ is catching some air.

This is a fairly old pic of The Gops at practice.  You can see Mills, BJ, and Adam

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