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       Some Really Kickin  
            Places to Go 

These are links compiled by the band members.  They 
are mostly links to the pages of other bands we each  
like, as well as various other things.  In no way are  
The Gops as a group or this page necessarily affiliated  
with any of these pages or their content. 


       Other Gops Homepage : Check out this other Gops page.  Its
                                                     adds some other highlights and news
                                                     for The Gops.  Run by a friend of the

  Band Pages

       The Huntingtons: If You Like The Old School
       The Official MXPX Homepage: What Really Makes It Official?
       Ghoti Hook: A Punk Band You Don't Know, but Should
       Dance Hall Crashers: A superior ska sideproject of Operation Ivy.
       Five Iron Frenzy: A ska band we like and wrote a song about....
       NOFX: A page about punkdoms best band
       No Use For A Name: A Great So. Cal. band!!!
       Half Loaded: An really cool houston ska band.
       O'Doyle Rules: Some cool guys.  Play their own brand of ska'n'stuff
       The Suspects: One of Houstons best ska bands
       Mustard Plug: Really good ska band!  Has tour dates, etc...
       Middlefinger: Middlefinger's homepage
       The Vent-o-lators: The Vent-o-lators home page.  Check it out.
       Crash-81: Cool Houston band.  They play high energy punk.
       Animosity: Great Houston Punk band.  Go check'em out if you havn't yet.
       Bad Religion: Official site of one of mainstream punks best bands.

  Other Pages

       Southpark: One Way Cool Cartoon!!!
       The Houston Punk and Ska Page: New page for Houston punk and ska bands
       Houston Music Scene: Has some band reviews and listings.
       The Texas Ska Page: Has tons of ska bands listed from around Texas

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